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Desmond (Dez) Clark, Chicago Bears fan favorite, is considered one of the greatest Tight Ends in the history of the NFL. His 68-game starting streak included the 2006 XLI Super Bowl game, the highlight of his 13 years in professional football. Today, as a professional  speaker, Dez inspires and entertains audiences in heartfelt conversation on the meaning of diversity, principals of sales, and the importance of having a personal standard of excellence … in his own life, and more broadly in the contexts of sports, youth achievement, and business.  Dez, shares the foundation for his personal standard of excellence in his newly released memoir “Before and Beyond the Game”.

He is the current President of NFL Alumni Chicago and a successful financial advisor, Dez has long leveraged his years of leadership on and off the field to help others achieve their potential. Dez enjoys engaging with audiences of all ages as part of his personal mission to use his resources to enhance lives and build community. Dez loves all sports -- having played basketball and baseball growing up, as well as football -- and always considered himself a “math kid”. Dez has a B.A. degree in Communications from Wake Forest University.



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