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Youth Empowerment

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Ms. Latresa R. Rice is a dynamic motivational speaker and an esteemed professional. Over the past 15 years, Ms. Rice has been empowering young people by delivering motivational speeches in public schools, vocational schools and non-profit organizations throughout Wayne County. 

Ms. Rice was born in Detroit, MI where her grandmother, Minnie M. Rice, raised her. As a youth, she faced a multitude of emotional barriers which included the loss of her mother to AIDS at the age of seven and the discovery of her father’s undisclosed sexuality by witnessing a sexual encounter between him and an individual she thought was her uncle. As a means of coping with these barriers, Ms. Rice fought other students and youth within her community. This caused her to be suspended from both elementary and middle school on several occasions. Nurtured by her grandmother, she learned how to deal with her emotional issues in a more appropriate manner, the importance of developing a winning attitude and much more.

Despite the barriers she faced, Ms. Rice maintained high grades throughout all areas of her education. In 1999, Ms. Rice graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. High School with an overall grade point average of 3.88. From 1999-2006 at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Ms. Rice traveled to deliver impactful speeches to students from various middle and high schools within Wayne County regarding how to be successful in college, conflict resolution and various other topics.

In August of 2004, she graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn (U of M-Dearborn) with an overall grade point average of 3.45. Ms. Rice received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in psychology. Her second major was Communications, particularly the Public Relations/Corporate Business field. 

~~While attending U of M - Dearborn, Ms. Rice received several awards such as the Distinguished Student Leader award (2003-2004) and the Leadership Synergy award (2002-2003). In April of 2006, Ms. Rice received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan (U of M) - Ann Arbor with an overall grade point average of 6.53. Her majors were “Management of Human Services” and “Community and Social Systems” with a minor in “Community Organizing”. 

While attending U of M, she received the Chancellor’s List award (2005-2006) and remained on the Dean’s list. From 2007-2008, Ms. Rice worked as a high school presenter i.e. motivational speaker with the International Academy of Design & Technology. While in this position, she traveled to high schools throughout Wayne County delivering motivational speeches to youth on topics such as college and scholarship information, job employability skills, conflict resolution, self esteem, entrepreneurship and ethics.

In 2009, Ms. Rice established “It’s Time Enterprises (ITE)” as her vehicle to continue her pursuit to empower others to push beyond the barriers they face and achieve their dreams. Today, Ms. Rice delivers power-packed motivational speeches designed to inform, inspire, and motivate the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.



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