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Omari Hardwick stars as 'Ghost' on the hit Starz Original Series Power, (2016 NAACP Image Award nomination) from CBS TV Studios and executive producers Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, Mark Canton, Randall Emmett and Courtney A. Kemp. By the time Omari Hardwick landed the starring role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick on the television drama Power, the Georgia-native had already been acting for over a decade. His résumé was diverse and he has been involved in theater productions, poetry slams, indie movies (such as Ava DuVernay's I Will Follow and Middle of Nowhere), blockbusters (Kick-Ass), and television dramas (Saved, Dark Blue).

A former college football player, Omari Latif Hardwick grew up in Decatur, Georgia. By the age of 14, Hardwick was writing poetry on a regular basis, a passion he would carry with him into adulthood. In high school, he excelled at basketball, baseball, and football, and went on to play football at the University of Georgia. A star on the field, Hardwick never gave up his passion for acting, and minored in theater in college. After graduation, Hardwick relocated to San Diego for a spot on the San Diego Chargers (NFL), though a knee injury would cut his football career short.  He then decided to revisit his original passion for acting and moved to New York to study the craft more extensively. He moved to Los Angeles and got his first big break in 2003, when he was cast as a series regular in Spike Lee's "Sucker Free City."

Before anyone defined him, Omari Hardwick has always fancied himself as an artist first. The 43-year-old has experienced much of his success as an actor starring in several high-profile roles. But just because fans know one dimension of Hardwick, doesn’t mean there aren’t others developed and waiting to be expressed. 

Hardwick is also a multi-hyphenate, but of a very different kind. On the surface, he’s perfect for the role of Ghost because he looks great in a suit and can handle a fight scene or two—he is a former college football player, after all—but his prowess isn’t strictly physical. While on a hiatus from filming Power, he has been pouring his soul into an extension of the more emotional side of himself: an album that blurs the lines between singing, poetry and rap. “If you smash the athlete together with the poet, maybe that’s the actor,” says Hardwick. It’s an idea that’s evident in his complex portrayal of Ghost. 

Hardwick continues to cast a wide net. In addition to his role on Power, Hardwick is an accomplished poet and spoken word artist. He has written over 4,000 poems, including "Little Black Boy Wonder," performed and produced by Hardwick with Marlon Wayans, David Oyelowo, among others. Hardwick’s latest release “Bloodshed” featuring the vocals of Josiah Bell is out now.