Sherrin Ross Ingram

Motivational Speaker and Strategic Planning Expert

With over 20 years experience in public speaking and over 1000 presentations to her credit, Sherrin has presented to Fortune 500 companies, associations, and colleges. She engages audiences to “Stand in Your Power,” “Command Your Resources,” and “Get Strategic” about sustainable growth and consistent achievement.

Sherrin Ross Ingram is Chief Executive Officer of the International Center for Strategic Planning, a management consulting firm that develops economic models that help forward thinking companies monitor and forecast demand for their products and services, and Chair of a Vistage Chief Executives peer advisory group of successful CEOs, Presidents and business owners of some of Illinois’ most successful privately held businesses. She is also a successful attorney, best-selling author of several books, and founder of The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living (which she established after witnessing the positive dramatic effects that a diet of nutrient rich food had on her son's recovery from autism).

Sherrin consistently delivers dynamic presentations that provide practical blueprints for success to groups whose members are serious about personal growth and professional success. With the ability to infuse great stories and humor into her presentations, Sherrin’s programs educate and inspire! Her message and actionable strategies reach thousands every year through:

• Keynotes and general sessions on the Essence of Strategy and other strategy development topics for conferences and meetings all around the world;

• The “Get Strategic about Growth” series for organizations who want to develop their leadership teams and position themselves to capitalize on changes in their markets;

• The “Get Strategic about Marketing” and “Get Strategic about Sales” Bootcamp (Full Day Intensives) for companies and business owners who want to attract, close and be more persuasive when communicating with high quality customers, clients and influencers.

• Personal brand building workshops for corporate professionals.

• Daily information-packed and inspirational posts and weekly articles through blogs, social media and email newsletters.




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