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Sporty King


The Master of Listening™

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Sporty King, ACS/CL helps people understand the impact being positive has on personal and professional success by sharing his life, and 40+ years combined corporate/entrepreneurial experience; while delivering memorable, immediately usable techniques toard success. He guides audiences to dealing with ‘The Top Line’ while embracing the need to ‘Get an F in Leadership.’ Of course the F’s are all positives: FOCUS, FAITH, FUN, FRIENDS & FREEDOM.


Sporty established R. King & Associates, a sole proprietorship, after 18 years at The Wall Street Journal… where he rose from being a Messenger in New York City, and through 7 promotions and 2 relocations retired as Midwest Region Classified Advertising Sales Manager in Chicago. A 1996 Toastmasters International Hall of Fame Inductee, he offers professional development training programs, keynote/workshop presentations, and masterfully serves as Emcee.


For over two decades King has delighted audiences with his inspirational creativity, humorous insight, and visionary leadership, and now also provides equitable deployment preparation and reintegration support to National Guard & Reserve members, and their families through the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP). And as a member of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor (AATH), he believes in the healing power of laughter and research of healthy humor.


A former TV personality, expert on personal success, the impact of words on our lives, and turning any negative into a positive, Sporty is the author of several books of inspirational poetry and affirmations which showcase his belief that success is about confidence and listening… how people feel about themselves affects their ability to listen. Life is about going from one puzzle to another… you are a small, medium or large piece of each puzzle… yet no matter what size you see yourself as, without you that puzzle is seen as incomplete. Thus he gets tangible positive results by helping people contribute to the bottom line by envisioning themselves as an important piece of every puzzle based on feeling good about themselves. He calls it The Top Line… and with it, there are boundless possibilities.


  • Energetic/interactive keynotes and general sessions on The Top Line… and other leadership development topics for conferences and meetings all around the world
  • The ‘The Top Line… Communication Skills Coaching Series’ series for organizations and groups who enjoy creatively developing a high-performance leadership team and a more inspired and engaged workforce through the gifts of laughter and introspection
  • "Spend the Conference - Instant Memory" - Imagine having an inspirational poetic monologue presented to your audience once or twice a day based on what has just happened! Sporty can do it, highlighting and reinforcing the messages in every meeting and social function. His material is creative, introspective, and timely. This is a one-of-a-kind presentation.
  • Daily inspirational
  • Daily inspirational posts and articles through social media and monthly FUN-letters


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